João Luís Barreto Guimarães (Portugal)

Fotografia de homem, branco, cabelo grisalho, camisa branca
© Teresa Guimarães

Born in Porto in 1967. He has written 12 books of poetry, with the first seven collected in Poesia Reunida (Quetzal, 2011), followed by, from the same publisher, Você está Aqui (2013), Mediterrâneo (2016), winner of the National Poetry Prize António Ramos Rosa and the 2020 Willow Run Poetry Book Award (USA), Nómada (2018), also an award recipient, the anthology O Tempo Avança por Sílabas (2019), Movimento (2020), and, most recently, Aberto Todos os Dias (2023). His books are published in Brazil, Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Egypt, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and the United States. He was awarded the Pessoa Prize in 2022.

Photo credits: © Teresa Guimarães