Translations and international reception

The Book of Disquiet is the most known and translated piece of Pessoa’s legacy.  Many readers find the perfect gateway to pessoan work in the Book, with its singular and fascinating universe.

It is translated into almost 40 languages. The Spanish (Ángel Crespo), German (Georg Rudolf Lind), Italian (Maria José de Lancastre) and French (Françoise Laye) translations were published in the 1980s. In 1991, several different English versions were published (Margaret Jull Costa, Alfred MacAdam, Iain Watson), as well as Richard Zenith’s integral version.

Translations into several other languages can be found in the Library of Casa Fernando Pessoa and perfectly illustrate the extended circuit through which the Book of Disquiet captivates readers: Greek (1987), Hungarian (1989), Dutch (1990), Catalan (1990), Swedish (1991), Czech (1992), Polish (1995), Bulgarian (1997), Danish (1997), Norwegian (1997), Finnish (1999), Hebrew (2000), Romanian (2000) and Slovenian (2001).